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Maggie's Words of Advice: February

Roses are always a favorite and Outdoor Specialty has a wide selection of rose bushes. Also beautiful are our blooming azaleas, hydrangeas and tulips.

Winter Daphne’s are in bloom and entrances and walkways are an excellent place to plant these wonderful scented plants.

Now is a great time to enjoy spring and prepare the garden. PRUNING IS CRUCIAL. Prune your dormant trees, crape myrtles, roses, ornamental grasses, and deciduous shrubs. The time to prune spring-flowering plants like Encore Azaleas is after they bloom.

February is the time to spray trees with dormant oil for insect and disease control later in the year.

Now is the time to start thinking about your veggies. Apply lime, mushroom compost or composted manure as needed to prepare your vegetable beds. Late February is the best time to plant cool season vegetable plants like onions, asparagus and English peas.

 Adjust your watering in accordance to the weather. If the soil feels dry when you put your finger in, then your plant is thirsty. If you are developing yellow leaves, then cut back on your watering. 

By turning your potted plants halfway around, you can keep them from growing too much towards the light.

All types of lawns will need a mid-month first application of crabgrass preventer to help control weeds.

Make sure you plan to fertilize your fescue lawns after your pre-emergent has run its course.

For the Birds: Now is a good time to clean out the birdhouse for new guests, arriving birds are still looking for foods so be sure to keep your feeders full.